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"No nonsense approach to self defence with tons of great insights on Wing Chun and training. I love how he explains Wing Chun in simple but effective ways and why you train doing certain things. Not only does he teach Wing Chun techniques, but also teaches students how to think for themselves." -  Isaiah Smith

"I have been involved in Wing Chun for over 30 plus years and trained with some great teachers and from that training have developed some practical moves and techniques of my own but I have to admit that Master Wong's Defensive Techniques and Combat Skills are very realistic and very effective for the street"  - John May

"The best option I have found to be able to train and still maintain my busy, hectic life juggling a full-time job, a wife and 3 kids at home that demand most of my time. I would not be able to live out my dream to become a certified martial arts instructor without this program. Thank you Master Wong!  - Marques Williams
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